The map shows diversity of groups (to which extent people born in different countries live in different areas).

Red = high diversity, grey = low diversity.

The results are described and further analyzed in the report Diversity and segregation in Sweden, which can be found here.

Click on an area to view further information.

In addition to diversity the following measurements are shown:

¤ Segregation - to which excent the diveristy is distributed between areas.

¤ Proportion of the inhabitants born in different countries. (Using SCB:s simplified country of birth variable.)
¤ Proportion of low, middle and high income households.
¤ Dominating form of tenure (rented apartments, tenant-owner apartment or home ownership) and proportion of rented apartments.

The results are shown in three levels that can be hidden/shown: municipalities; city districts (only the larger cities) and housing areas. Zoom in to see the results at city district and residential area level.

The housing areas can be filtered with the query tool (the same dialogue box as the map layers, down to the right. ) with respect to for example county, diversity and form of tenancy.

Diversity and segregation in Sweden (English version)

Diversity and segregation in municipalities, city districts and residential areas.

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